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Parent Ministries

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Dear parents,

We’re thrilled to partner with you by offering online parenting resources each month. We understand that the secular world has infringed on the time we have available to physically be inside the four walls of the church, but we also recognize the importance of nurturing your spirituality. We do hope that you will find time for Church and Sunday School as often as you can, but meanwhile, we’ve partnered with Parent Ministry, who has taken the time to figure out REAL issues families are dealing with at the pre-school, elementary and youth age levels and prepared some great resources to assist you in dealing with them. Our hope is that these will help you on your parenting journey.You’re voice of influence is the loudest in the life of your child, and we see this as a great way to be your biggest cheerleader. As a part of our Parent Ministry, each month you’ll receive encouragement and truth in the form of videos, articles and messages posted on our website.

We chose to do this online instead of having you show up at a specific venue at a specific date and time because we all have busy schedules. Now you can receive encouragement when you have time for it (but I do encourage you to make time for it).


It’s my great honor to serve your family and cheer you on as you spiritually lead your child. Can’t wait to get this started!

Your partner in ministry,
Pastor Lauren

Below are some great resources you might want to try:


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