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Leveraging the Dinner Table

This month we want to talk about dinner! Not cooking dinner but rather leveraging dinner as a place of connection for our families. Growing up many of us remember family dinners as an almost daily part of family life. Each night we slowed down and gathered around a table together. What we all ate at dinner was different from family to family but the common bond was being together. Some of us loved it, some survived, and some of us never want to go back because we would have to eat our broccoli!

What happened when our family gathered together each day was that we actually had conversations. We shared what happened that day. We told stories. We picked on each other. We actually connected and it was normal.

Many of us miss this rhythm in our current family routine. We rush out the door in the morning to school. We eat lunch at work or school. With all the different events we have to attend after school, we often eat dinner at different times. What we miss with this modern schedule is that we miss time to connect. One of the best times to connect with our families is over a meal.

I’m not talking about dinner out. That’s full of distractions. I am talking about a regular rhythm of a meal at home where you can actually slow down and connect. You don’t have to be a great cook since we are blessed with glorious take out options. You also don’t have to make it happen every night. We are taking about several nights a week where we protect our schedule and plan time to sit around the table to share a meal. Here are a few ways we can leverage dinner as a family each week…

• Link dinner with something else that brings connection. // Dinner and a family show you watch together. Dinner and a board game. Dinner and ______! You can connect dinner nights with something else fun.
• Have a question each meal. // Leverage a question that everyone around the table can answer. As your kids get older questions change but intentional questions spark connection.
• Have a quick family devotional and time of prayer. // Have someone in the family share a thought from the Bible and then pray together as a family. Your church provides tools that can help.
• Let kids plan the meal once a week. // Get kids involved in cooking or planning the meal. It’s just fun and making it fun will make it stick as a family.
• Embrace dinner nights as a priority. // Schedule your week so this time becomes a priority meaning you say no to other things that might break the tradition. You will never regret making these memories.

This month give this a shot and see how your family comes together!