Online Parenting Class, Part 2

Subject: Leveraging the Dinner Table, Part 2

Dear Parents,

Meal times used to be an hour or more; now they are around 15 minutes! Did you know that? There is a shift in our society from when we were teens. There is most definitely a difference in our society since our parents were their grandchildren’s age.

Meal times used to be lengthy family times, when people relaxed and talked. How often, other than the holidays, does that happen? Even this time of year, many families still don’t take the time to just sit, eat, and talk.

It is why I am so very excited to share this month’s Online Parenting Class. It is about “Leveraging the Power of the Dinner Table”.

Family meals are powerful. Studies have shown that a tween/teen that eats dinner five times a week with their family are twice as likely to not use alcohol and drugs. A regular family meal a few times a week changes a teen’s long term physical health and even has been proven to improve their grades!

The Bible even speaks about the power of food and a meal together. Christ used food and meals to describe Himself, illustrate community, and used the Last Supper as a longer-term way to continue to help us remember Him.

Meals can be powerful moments for your family. Do not miss out on those moments and the power they can provide in this New Year. Plan now to choose a few days a week that your schedule allows that you will protect as family meal nights! You won’t regret it!

If you haven't already watched the video, please check out this week’s online parenting class:


 Pastor Lauren