Online Parenting Class, Part 1

Subject: Raising Courageous Teens, Part 1


I hope you are doing well as a family. As you read this monthly little greeting from
our ministry, our prayer is, as always, for protection over your family and children.
There are so many worries, anxieties, and fears when it comes to your family.
Your tween/teens feel it too. It’s often hard to live a life of courage and bravery. It
seems almost impossible to live a life free of those feelings. We are called to be
“strong and courageous” as believers, but what does that actually look like for our
family and for your tween/teen?

This month’s Online Parenting Class is offering up some wonderful advice and
guidance on the how of “Raising Courageous Teens”. I think you will find the four
hints provided so helpful in leading your family well and encouraging your

Here are just a couple quick questions to continue your thinking on the topic of
– How secure does my tween/teen feel living in our uncertain world? What
would they say their biggest fear is when it comes to our world?
– What is my tween/teen’s biggest worry or anxiety?
– Have I talked about the future with my tween/teen? College? Career?
– Do I have clear and understood expectations in my home and for my

As you process and think through the video and these questions, let us know how
we can encourage you and your child. We know this is a big topic, and we would
love to be whatever part of the conversation you would like as some extra

Please check out this week’s online parenting class:

Praying for you –

Pastor Lauren

P.S. The second installment of this online parenting class can be found on the next tab, labeled part 2.